Alopecia Patient brings hair ‘back to life’

Androgenetic alopecia is thought to affect roughly 50,000 men and 15,000 women globally, with postmenopausal women accounting for the minority of cases.

Hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia is usually gradual. While some people notice hair loss as early as puberty, others may not notice symptoms until they are in their forties or fifties.

Female pattern baldness frequently causes hair to thin all over the scalp. It may sometimes appear as if the area around the portion is broadening or thinning. 

42-year-old from Georgia, Brittany Howell, discusses her experience with androgenic alopecia and the remedy she acquired.

“I never experienced any hair loss or anything like that before this happened a year ago. I started noticing that my hair was feeling thinner and started getting some bald patches, which I covered up with hair makeup. When I started seeing my hair falling everywhere, I finally reached out to a doctor to schedule an appointment. 

I initially scheduled with my GP, and she ran a few tests that showed my Vitamin D levels low and referred me to a dermatologist. She didn’t even look at my hair loss, just asked questions. During that time, I lost much of my hair on the right side. 

I was examined again only to be told that I was pulling my hair out (Trichotillomania). I was then advised to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist and gave me an over the counter (OTC) supplement called NACC.

The examiner then advised me to try cognitive therapy and to wear a cap at night or to have my husband record me sleeping. He stated he did not want to order an unnecessary scalp biopsy and leave a bad scar for no reason.

I was left devastated and feeling hopeless. I took off 2 weeks from work and started researching ways to help my hair to grow back.” She said.

After countless appointments and referrals, Brittany finally found a remedy that suits her and a diagnosis for her condition:

“I had started taking prescription vitamin D and I added more vitamins to my regimen. I tried Nioxin shampoo line, rosemary water, peppermint essential oil and some other OTC remedies. None seemed to work. I then browsed social media platforms such as TikTok, which is where I found Back2Life Hair oil.

The hair oil was already starting to produce some baby hair in the balding areas, which was a huge relief and amazing progress. I was still yet to find out more for a diagnosis, so I booked a scalp biopsy.  

My labs were published to my chart about 5 days later. It confirmed that I have androgenetic alopecia. I had already started a hair regimen that included ‘Back2LifeHair Oil’, DHT blocking shampoo, derma rolling, scalp massages, eating a balanced diet, vitamins, and stress reduction and the progress was remarkable. 


Brittany’s results after using Back2lifehair simulation oil.

Brittany’s results after using Back2lifehair simulation oil.
Photography source: Back2lifehair


Finally, the nurse called to discuss my labs after I cancelled the followed appointment, I told her that I had it all handled. I explained to her that I was following a regimen that I had researched, and it was working. She sounded skeptical.

They were amazed at the growth and applauded the regimen I was following. The nurse had previously told me that my hair would not grow back. She was utterly shocked. “said Brittany.